Saturday, October 14, 2006

These Guys Are Neat Guys

There's a lot of talk about how law school is just like high school, and in a lot of ways that's true. Still, I say it's an exaggerated stereotype, so here are some positive ways in which UVa Law differs from my high school:

  • Students allowed to leave school for lunch.
  • No football player making out with his cheerleader girlfriend on my locker between every class.
  • None of my high school teachers drove one of these.
  • Speaking of lockers, cherry wood > cherry red.
  • There's no band, the jocks have passed their glory days, and the goths sold out long ago, so pretty much everyone is part of the same "Nerd/Prep" clique.
  • Students allowed to cut across the courtyard.
  • No Less smoking in the bathrooms.
  • The Mormons have kids and the skanky girls don't.
  • Much less animosity between rival schools (that is, no one has driven down here and spray-painted "Penn Law" on the side of the building).
  • My girlfriend who lives 100 miles away actually exists.


Adam said...

Hilarious. Especially the part about who has kids.

Matthew said...

I agree with Adam.

Anonymous said...

The 'Penn Law Rulez' tag is coming. You have been warned.