Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Law School Makes My E-Mail Weird

A sample of contextual ads that I've gotten in Gmail in the last week:

  • "Kegspediter System - A controlled process for the return of empty kegs to the brewery."
  • All kinds of first aid and emergency equipment. These are only funny once I realized they were triggered by the hypothetical fact pattern in my Torts midterm.
  • "Crave Frat Brotherhood? - crave.honda.com - We feel your crave. Other people do too. Check out more craves."
  • "Insanity Testing - Search for Testing Resources and Info. Find What You Want Now."
  • "Daddy by 2 chix - cool daddy-to-be tees for the man behind the belly!"
  • Several dozen sites advertising admissions information and pre-written personal statements.
  • "Miss Your Grandkids? - New laws guarantee grandparents rights in every state - learn more!"
  • "Free Insanity - Get a Free Insanity. Offer Expires Today!"


Adam said...

Hey...! I want a free insanity!

Jen said...

I'm personally craving some frat brotherhood.

I guess the next logical step would be to purchase a Honda Civic.