Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lessons Learned From The Mock Interview Process

  • If you can go the full half hour without breaking eye contact, they're required by law to offer you the job.
  • When asked "Why do you want to work at this firm?" a good answer is "I'm impressed with the firm's excellence in my preferred practice area and simultaneous devotion to public interest." Some bad answers: "To be closer to you," "It has a funny name," and "I don't, why do you ask?"
  • The interview isn't real; the need to wear pants is.
  • While gender may be a social construct, the words sir and ma'am are not yet interchangeable.
  • If your resume shows a GPA not reflected in your actual grades, don't check the box that says "Send my transcript to this employer."
  • It's actually pronounced "noo' - klee - er"
  • The "Experience" section of your resume isn't meant for your sexual history, no matter how impressive or extensive it may be. Put that under "Interests."

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C. Stapleton said...

And bumper stickers - or maybe just strategic locker decor, in the style of the Joey Lawrence-papered lockers of (high schoo) yore.