Monday, January 22, 2007

I've Become My Father

Dear Girl I Watched From My Window for Ten Minutes This Morning While I Ate Breakfast,

It's just snow. I know that around here, an inch gets all the local schools canceled, but you don't have to wipe every last bit of it off your Jetta before you leave. The inch-high pile on your back bumper would not have affected your safety. Neither would the small chunk on the hood that you couldn't reach without diving across the car. Also, starting the car and letting it warm up whi--HOLY CRAP the ice scraper is meant for glass only don't use it on the body are you nuts you'll scratch the paint!

F. Reede


C. Stapleton said...

I saw a bright young gent using a coke can (no, really) to get ice off of his car - last year, just off the Downtown Mall. I just opened my mouth and shut it again. There's no point, really.

Remus Thirty said...

My ice scraper broke, and having not taken the time or like $1.89 USD to purchase a new one, I have from time to time let my car heat up and then wiped away frost or semi-melted ice with a small towel. But seriously, she is gonna wind up scraping the paint.

Jack said...

I get the feeling that anyone that has that much trouble getting ice off of their car probably shouldn't be driving on a slick road.