Sunday, July 15, 2007

What the Supremes Are Doing on Their Summer Vacation

A tribute.

Roberts: Getting new unlisted phone number in attempt to reduce salary-related prank calls from J. Michael Luttig.

Breyer: Making charts, same as every other day.

Scalia: Working on costume for annual trip to Burning Man under the name A-Nino Acid.

Souter: Posting fake Harry Potter spoilers on the internet.

Alito: Crossing out "Scalito" from the front of all his notebooks, and "SAA ♥ AGS" from the inside covers.

Thomas: Playing "PC" next to Will Smith's "Mac" for a series of Apple ads set to air on BET this fall.

Stevens: Unlocking every bonus track in Guitar Hero II.

Ginsburg: Planning trip to Jamaica with Douglas Ginsburg before remembering that Martin is the one she's married to.

Kennedy: Casting the deciding vote in Beach v. Pool, In Re a Hamburger, a Hot Dog and Some Potato Salad, and Hooking Your iPod up to the Tape Deck v. Just Listening to the Radio Because We'll Be There in Twenty Minutes.


Anonymous said...

Weak. Pray Mike never stumbles across this post and thinks, "What have I wrought?!?!" and then kills himself.

Fletcher Reede said...

A fair concern, which I'll take under advisement. I do hate to be responsible for any more suicides than absolutely necessary.