Friday, July 13, 2007

Partial Law Jeopardy

...and the final category is called Roll of "Toilet Paper," with "toilet paper" in quotation marks. Every correct answer in this category will contain the phrase "toilet paper." Clues will come in video form from Fletcher Reede, on location at the University of Virginia School of Law.

$200: This cylindrical item appears in the bathrooms of most American homes.
$400: Invented in the 6th century in China, this product is known as "jax roll" in Irish slang.
$600: Lack of this household good is why I definitely had to go to the store yesterday after work.
$800: This common paper good is the one thing I forgot to get among $50 worth of groceries.
$1000: I've been working at school since surprisingly early this morning for this reason.

1 comment:

Remus Thirty said...

I see you opted not to use the Audio Daily Double of your reaction when you took the groceries out of the bag and realized what was missing.