Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Virginia Does Not Need a Myspace Account

"We are certainly going to put public safety ahead of these civil liberties concerns."

There are too many ridiculous things wrong with this proposal and I don't have time to list them, so I link without much comment.

I will say, however, kudos to Laura Ahearn of Parents for Megan's Law for pointing out the obvious technical flaw in the program, then immediately making a nonsensical alternative suggestion.


Remus Thirty said...

Eeeesh, maybe the McCain campaign should hire me to teach the guy how the internet works. I mean, yeah he's old, but that's just embarrassing. Instead, they should force all sex offenders to wear big puffy mittens at all times. That way computer use will be nigh-impossible, they'll be easy to spot (in the summer), and it will make masturbating 145% more difficult. Also, this is more enforceable and realistic than the Virginia plan. Also also, my verification word is "zxfoop" this time, and that is kinda great.

Jen said...

But if sex offenders can change their email addresses, then registering their email addresses would force them to create new addresses specially designed to sexually offend people. And isn't that what it's all about, limiting their freedom in this great nation of ours?

It is also clear that the digital divide is far greater than any of us initially thought.