Thursday, December 14, 2006

Georgetown Law Acceptance Letters

I do not attend the Georgetown University Law Center. For the main reason why I'm happy about that decision, see here. Thanks to that post, however, I have a special insight into the GULC admission committee's behavior this year, because in the last week, I've had visitors from such varied Google search strings as:

  • georgetown law acceptance letters
  • GULC envelope at end of admissions cycle
  • law school envelope georgetown early called
  • admission letter georgetown law why so long
I like that last one. You can almost smell the desperation right through the internet. Look 0Ls, this is a stressful time for everybody. Take a break from worrying about law school. You're bound to get in somewhere; then you should probably worry. For now, focus on your undergrad exams. Play in the sunshine. If you live in a godforsaken part of the country like the one I left, play in the snow. Better yet, try to be more like some of my other recent visitors, and search things like:
  • follow the finger
  • honda AND crave AND legs
  • instructions on how to make a fake leg for free
You'll be much happier. Plus, you might find out how to make a fake leg for free. And you can't put a price on that. Because it's free.


Adam said...

"godforsaken"?! See if I invite YOU back for a visit! Enjoy your dirt-sledding.

Remus Thirty said...

Hey, how can you find out what people google-searched to hit your blog? That sounds like a barrel of laughs. Or at least a couple of laughs.

Fletcher Reede said...

1. 'Round here, we don't have dirt. We have clay. Makes a hell of a mess, but it's a lot less rocky.

2. SiteMeter

Nicolas Sices said...

Prospective GULC student here:
@Fletcher Reede
Besides the annoyance of receiving reminders and acceptance letters (Oh god no!) what else inspired you to choose UVA over GULC?

Just curious...

chandra said...

Wonderful article, thanks for putting this together!
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