Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Novelist

Questions I had for John Grisham on Thursday after he spoke about The Innocent Man :

  • Why did Mitch get away with cheating on his wife?
  • What was the deal with The Brethren?
  • Do you know Rachel Weisz?
  • Did anyone at Doubleday read The Brethren before agreeing to publish it?
  • Do they start writing the scripts after you finish the books, or before?
  • Speaking of scripts, please defend Christmas with the Kranks. We'll wait.
  • Are you aware of the existence of The Brethren, a nomadic cult also known as "The Garbage Eaters?" If so, was that your inspiration?
  • I understand you've given this law school a lot of money. I've recently begun a similar practice, and before I continue I'm wondering if you've found it to be worthwhile.
  • Did you know it's okay for authors to skip a year?
  • Were you heavily medicated for the majority of 2000?
  • No, seriously. You wrote a book about three judges who orchestrate a mail fraud extortion scheme from prison until they accidentally catch the secretly gay senator who happens to be running a rigged campaign for President under the guidance of a puppet-master director of the CIA who is concerned about a fringe element of the Russian military in which they all get away with it at the end and no one called you out on it?
  • Have you had any substantial opposition on the new book from death penalty proponents?

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