Sunday, August 27, 2006

Week 1

Things that have happened in the first week of law school:

  1. I missed my section's library orientation because I was reading for contracts / playing N.
  2. During a peer advisor's don't-feel-bad-if-you-lose speech before section elections, I cheerfully pointed out that "four of these [five] people running are going to lose."
  3. My bike was stolen the day before I planned to go out and buy a better lock for it.
  4. I missed my research group's first meeting in the library because I missed when we planned on having it. On the bright side, I would have been of little use, having missed the orientation.
  5. I successfully paid so little attention in contracts that I didn't even get the relevant jokes being IMed to me.
  6. I had a full 250GB hard drive die with absolutely no warning.
  7. I waited a very long time for a sandwich.
I also, however, got a card for a free sandwich because that one took so long. So all in all, law school is pretty sweet.

As a side note, Texas finally sent me a survey asking why I chose not to accept admission, the first conclusive proof that they are actually aware that I will not be attending. Now if only they hadn't already sold my contact information to every provider of student services in the greater Austin area.

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