Sunday, July 23, 2006

Miss Universe

The silliest part of the Miss Universe pageant is the National Costume section at the very beginning. They always have the girls in these hyper-exaggerated versions of their sterotypical cultural garb, but for outright silliness, there's no competing with the American version this year. I understand these aren't supposed to be representative of how people actually dress, but come on now. Is this country really best exemplified by a pseudo-dominatrix equestrian in violation of the US Flag Code, 4 U.S.C. §8(d)?

Even if it is, the pom-pom takes it too far.


MisterMeister said...

I think the riding crop is a great constume idea, it's very underrated you know. Yesterday at a corporate conference I was attending I tried to convince the Wal Mart group that assless leather chaps, leather vests, and riding crops will be vital to their delegation's effective presence at next year's conference (They were all wearing bowling shirts with their names embroidered on them in an effort to appear "fun"...shudder). I also suggested that the senior VP walk into the exhibit hall with underlings on neck leashes and body harnesses. I told them that was more "fun."
They said it didn't fit in with Wal Mart's new "green" image.
-Mr. Gay Universe of Connecticut/Chicago

Lexi said...

Oh my God, did you see Albania's "national costume"? I think this is my new favorite website.